Why Are Some Drugs Prescribed For Off Label Use?

The pharmaceutical world can be very confusing at times. It sometimes challenges even drug experts like us to keep track of what’s going on. There are thousands of drugs in the dispensary that we come across each day, and many of them come with different trade names, numerous strengths, and in various forms (e.g., tablets, capsules, liquids, etc.), with different … Read More

Don’t stand, don’t stand so; don’t stand so close to me…

This week is probably the most painful week that I had had since the lockdown eight weeks ago. Don’t get me wrong; it’s nothing to do with work or the mental drain from excessive hours. But it’s my body which felt so achy and sore because I got back to the gym on Monday after seven weeks of lockdown. However, … Read More

The high-risk nature of being a pharmacist right now.

Being a pharmacist has always been difficult, but it’s an interesting and rewarding career. Always trying to juggle between providing the best healthcare to the community while maintaining business viability. However, being a pharmacist during the COVID-19 crisis has really confronted me with the tremendous challenges facing the pharmacy sector right now. We’re constantly battling multiple issues on a daily … Read More

An Important Pharmacy announcement!

Hi everyone, As you are all aware that the NZ government has raised the COVID-19 alert level from 2 to 3 earlier yesterday and within 48 hours (25/03 – Wednesday midnight) the level will increase further to the highest level (Level 4). So, what does the highest-level mean? Well in simple terms, it means that the disease is not contained … Read More

Masking our fear or fearing to mask?

I got back from a long-overdue holiday on the Gold Coast with my wife late last week. My wife and I like to visit the Gold Coast because it is a destination that gives us multiple surprises. It caters to people who are after a relaxing tropical holiday where they can relax and lay by the pool the whole day … Read More

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – How worried should we be?

My last article has sparked a large amount of interest, and many of you told me how worried you are about the coronavirus outbreak. I have to reiterate that the intention of my last email about the coronavirus was not to cause any panic attacks but rather to give you the information that you need to make an informed decision … Read More

What you need to know about the novel coronavirus

I have had many of you contact me over the last couple of weeks with growing concerns about the novel coronavirus outbreak in the Wuhan province of China. There are questions over the possibility of a widespread pandemic in other parts of the world, including New Zealand. As a health professional, I believe this is a fast-moving situation, and I … Read More

Safety or Quality, or both?

My long term relationship with medicine is a love and hate one. I love it when it does what it says but hate it when it gives my patients more than they can handle.   One of the skills I’ve learned from being a pharmacist is the ability to create a meaningful relationship with drug(s). This unique set of skills … Read More

Is your body acting like a drama queen?

Yesterday, as I was tucked away in my office eating my lunch, I was interrupted by one of my colleagues who asked me to counsel a patient about his medication upon collecting a new prescription.   I usually have a habit of writing “Talk” on the prescription receipt for any patient that I need to have a brief conversation with … Read More

Generic or brand medicines – should I be worried?

The weather in the past week has been quite erratic. We had some nice weather last weekend, and for a split second, I thought we are on track to a promising summer. The next minute, the weather made a 180 degree turn at the beginning of the week with some strong gusty winds and heavy rain. The very moment I’m … Read More