Our time with antibiotics is running out…

This week is antibiotic awareness week and I was reading an article on “Stuff” last night about how New Zealand antibiotic use is amongst the highest in the world. I couldn’t agree more because antibiotics are probably one of the most commonly prescribed medicines that my team and I come across daily. The amount of antibiotics being used over the … Read More

Safety or Quality, or both?

My long term relationship with medicine is a love and hate one. I love it when it does what it says but hate it when it gives my patients more than they can handle.   One of the skills I’ve learned from being a pharmacist is the ability to create a meaningful relationship with drug(s). This unique set of skills … Read More

To split, or not to split? That is the question

Hope all of you had a fantastic Labour weekend. The weather was fabulous and I managed to have a few walks down at the St Heliers Bay with my wife over the long weekend. It was great to see some of you along the walk taking advantage of the sun and absorbing much-needed vitamin D. In fact, I was reading … Read More

Is your body acting like a drama queen?

Yesterday, as I was tucked away in my office eating my lunch, I was interrupted by one of my colleagues who asked me to counsel a patient about his medication upon collecting a new prescription.   I usually have a habit of writing “Talk” on the prescription receipt for any patient that I need to have a brief conversation with … Read More

Generic or brand medicines – should I be worried?

The weather in the past week has been quite erratic. We had some nice weather last weekend, and for a split second, I thought we are on track to a promising summer. The next minute, the weather made a 180 degree turn at the beginning of the week with some strong gusty winds and heavy rain. The very moment I’m … Read More

Finding it a pain to take cholesterol medicines?

How are things with you all. Thanks for such a positive response to my last email. It looks like you have all been doing some spring cleaning of your medicines and we have had lots of returns to the pharmacy – some very old medicines returned indeed! Don’t worry I won’t name anyone 😉   Remember this service is free … Read More

Spring cleaning your medicine cabinet

Thanks everyone for dropping by and sending emails through wishing us all a happy world pharmacist day! You guys made it extra special for us this year.   I came across an interesting case the other day and thought you may relate to it. A regular patient of mine came in a couple of days ago asking me if she … Read More

Can antibiotics do more harm than good if you don’t have an infection??

Every year, your family faces its’ share of colds, sore throats, and stuffy noses. This year is no different. In fact, after seeing the number of antibiotics being prescribed so far, I am sure that this winter is one of the worse winters I’ve seen in recent years. So many of my patients and customers are getting sick.   One … Read More