Finding it a pain to take cholesterol medicines?

How are things with you all. Thanks for such a positive response to my last email. It looks like you have all been doing some spring cleaning of your medicines and we have had lots of returns to the pharmacy – some very old medicines returned indeed! Don’t worry I won’t name anyone 😉   Remember this service is free … Read More

Is fish oil supplement a waste of time?

It’s me again. I know that a few of you have asked me in the past week if I have stopped writing emails because they haven’t received one from me for a few weeks now. The answer is no. I think the reason some of you are not getting my emails is that sometimes they ended up in the “junk … Read More

Is My Fish Oil Supposed to Smell FISHY??

I had an interesting conversation with a regular patient of mine yesterday which I think all of you would be interested in.   While my regular patient was waiting for her prescription, she asked me whether I have watched the most recent episode of “The Check-Up” from TV One.   Unfortunately, I haven’t been watching much TV in a long … Read More