The secret to good health

I honestly think COVID-19 is a pain in the butt to put it lightly! It has affected many of us not just financially and mentally. But also, our health. It certainly has packed away our will power (HOPEFULLY NOT FOR GOOD) and has pushed our boundaries and tested our limits. I had a patient came into the pharmacy for his … Read More

Should you wash your raw chicken??

When it comes to cooking, I’m very pedantic about how food is prepared. One of the proteins I love the most is chicken. Chicken is probably the most versatile piece of meat! You can use it in tens of thousands of recipes across all different types of cuisines. However, as much as it is my top protein of choice, raw … Read More

Am I suffering from Keto bad breath?

Having bad breath is embarrassing. Not knowing that you have it can be disappointing. Self-diagnosis of bad breath can be difficult. As mentioned in my last email, bad breath can be a result of many causes, not just simply as straight forward as a rotten tooth or bad food choices. Now, to not incriminate any of my patients, I’ve decided … Read More

Bad breath or bad choices?

Have you come across a situation where someone you know has bad breath, and you really wanted to tell them? But you’re not sure whether you should tell them because you don’t want to come across as rude. Your mind then enters a tug a war pulling your thoughts between telling and not telling. Somehow you always end up not … Read More

Is “Cheat Days” okay to have, or should I stay away from it?

We are halfway through January already! Christmas and New Years are truly behind us. We are slowly making our way back to reality. No more friends and family over for a scrumptious lunch or dinner with a few bubbles. I understand that big celebrations like these can challenge our determination and perseverance when we are in our weight loss journey … Read More

New Year resolution or irresolution?

Happy New Year, guys! Hope all of you had a fantastic holiday break over the holidays. I have a feeling that most of you are still on holiday! But for those of you like myself and my team who are already back to the game, I wish you all a fantastic start to the new decade and a prosperous year … Read More

Why your lack of patience is sabotaging your weight loss goal?

    Last week, many of you came into the pharmacy and shared your weight loss journey with me. I couldn’t believe how many of you are on the same journey. It was truly a humbling experience to listen to your experiences and be able to help you on this journey of yours.   Last week I talked about the … Read More

The formula for weight loss success!

My last article about weight loss was well received, and many of you responded positively to it. This made me realise that many of you want to improve your health by managing your weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle. Also, Christmas is fast approaching and our New Year’s resolutions are in sight. I decided to dedicate my next three emails … Read More

My secret to lose weight for good!

I have been getting a lot of compliments recently about my weight loss. In fact, Tracey (our retail manager) mentioned that everyone at the medical centre was discussing how much weight I’ve lost to-date. I don’t usually end up being the topic of discussion amongst others, however, in saying so, I did enjoy being under the spotlight recently, even it … Read More

Cancer risk: 1 bottle of wine equals to 5 to 10 cigarettes weekly?

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week. I’m not sure about you, but to me the week seems to have flown by so quickly!   Friday is already within sight and for most people, it usually means having a date night with your loved one, dinner with friends or even after-work drinks with your colleagues.   Being a pharmacist for … Read More