The truth about depression – Part 2

Carrying on with the topic of depression I thought I would discuss ways to tackle negativity and move on with your life. If you haven’t read my last email, you can do so here (The truth about depression – Part 1) I think your best bet in life when you are stressed or feeling low is to shoulder your suffering, take … Read More

The truth about depression – Part 1

Seeing my accountant is not something that I look forward to on an annual basis. It kind of reminds me of when I was in standard 1 in the early 90s when I was still in Hong Kong. By the way, the education system there is very different compared to NZ – feeling stressed to perform at my best as … Read More

Putting on a happy face?

I was fortunate to have some long-overdue quality time with my wife over the long weekend. We intentionally made it a memorable one by not having anything planned. To a lot of people, doing nothing may not be considered memorable. But in our perspective, creating memories does not necessarily involve doing something extra exciting or extraordinary. Lasting memories are often … Read More

Coping with the thoughts of Corona…

These are challenging times for us all. The fear and uncertainty of a 4-week lockdown and how this will impact us all can constantly play on our minds. How will this affect our families? Affect our financial situation? What about how we function as a country? And even global implications? But even more importantly – how will this affect our … Read More