Prescription Medicines

  • We have a stringent checking process in place to ensure all prescriptions are checked and validated to the highest standards to ensure that they are safe for you to administer.
  • Our dispensary stocks a large range of prescription medicines and we offer a competitive pricing for non-subsidised prescription medicines, ensuring that our patients have the option to choose the brand they want.

Compounding Medicines + Subcutaneous Infusion Syringe

  • We carry a large in-house database of formularies and are able to compound any special dermatological ointments or creams. We can also prepare different oral formulations such as solutions, suspensions and emulsions prescribed by your GP or specialist.
  • We specialise in preparing aseptic injections and continuous subcutaneous infusion syringes for patients in the  palliative care setting

One on One Health Screening

  • We have a team of dedicated pharmacists to offer you  “no appointment needed” health checks in our in-store consultation room for added privacy.
  • We currently offer blood pressure and blood glucose monitoring services at an affordable cost.

Minor Ailment Treatment Service

  • Our pharmacists are accredited to give advice and treat common conditions such as urinary tract infections, vaginal thrush, eye infections and eczema. For a full list click here
  • Make us your first point of contact for Women’s and Men’s health advice and treatment options.

INR Warfarin Testing

  • We offer warfarin patients an on-site INR testing service.
  • Our accredited pharmacist will perform a finger-prick blood test, analyse your result and advise of any dosage change. The results are forwarded to your GP.
  • This service is free of charge to eligible patients on warfarin.
  • For further information, talk to one of our friendly pharmacists.

Online Prescription Repeat Ordering

  • We offer our patients the option to order their repeat prescription online via their computer or mobile. Simply click HERE and fill in the online from and we will have your prescription ready to pick up at your convenience.
  • If you prefer to order via the phone, simply call us on (09) 575 9208 and one of our friendly staff will take care of your request.
  • Rang out of your medicine? No worries, just ask your doctor to fax  a new prescription directly to us on (09) 575 9479  and we will have your prescription ready when you arrive.
  • For your piece of mind, we do not charge for fax fee and is  a service we offer free of charge to all of our patients.