Is medicine the only way out to control my hay fever symptoms?

Is that time of the week again. It’s such a fantastic feeling to know that what I write each week reaches all of you and makes an impact on your health. It is truly a blessing to be able to engage with you all and share some of my knowledge as a pharmacist to my inner circle of friends.   … Read More

Which tablet a day can keep allergies away?!

I hope you’re all having a productive week. I’m finding it hard to believe that spring is here with the thunderstorms we’ve recently had!! And it’s been so windy! A nightmare for those of you suffering from allergies! I’ve had a reader email me asking which allergy tablets are the best and carrying on from my email from last week, … Read More

Sneezing, stuffiness and itch – spring is here!!

The 1st of September marks the first day of spring. Although theoretically we are entering a season of birds chirping and flowers blossoming, the weather clearly not indicating so. Cold, wet and windy weather might still be ahead of us before we can truly see the liveliness of spring.   When I think about spring, what comes to mind is … Read More