Sun safe or sun stupid?

I love Auckland during the holidays. It’s the best time to be in the City of Sails. The roads are clear, the streets not crowded and there’s no line to my favourite coffee shop 😉 Over the Christmas and New Year period Auckland turned on an amazing summer for us. My wife and I have a ritual of going down … Read More

Have you been visited by these unwelcome guests?!

I hope you all enjoyed the warm weather last weekend – it feels as though we’re at the peak of summer heat! I went for a walk with my wife around the Bay on Sunday – was nice to bump into a few of you and say hi! We had all of our windows open over the weekend, letting in … Read More

Sunscreen or sunburn?

Can you believe that it’s the first day of summer this Sunday? We’ve been having amazing weather lately and I’ve been reminding everyone to slip, slop, slap to avoid sunburn. Speaking of which, sunscreen has been in the media lately – there are concerns that some brands are not meeting the SPF advertised on the bottle.   See here if … Read More

Why is my eczema getting worse???

Here is a real-life case that I wanted to share with all of you. A regular customer of ours came in last week seeking advice on how to manage her long-standing eczema on her face. Customer: Hey, Chris. My eczema (pointing to her cheeks) has been getting worse lately. It’s very itchy and irritating, and I don’t know what to … Read More

Can vitamin C work magic on eczema?

Since my last email, I’ve had many positive responses from you all. Actually, quite a few of you popped into the pharmacy and told me how useful you found my weekly dose of wisdom. Some of you also sent me emails of encouragement. In the past few weeks, you all made me feel so loved and gave me a reason … Read More