Could Noise Be The Remedy To A Good Night Sleep?!

I was very fortunate that my son does not cause too much trouble for both my wife and I. I would consider him as an all-rounder where he eats, plays and sleeps well the majority of the time. Despite going through growth spurts, he still manages to get to sleep fairly quickly after each feed, which is something I’m quite … Read More

Do Not Underestimate Your Ability To Adapt

This was my first week back to work after four weeks of tears, joy, laughter, profound happiness, frustration, sporadic sleep, and extreme tiredness. I have mixed feelings about being back. Part of me wanted to go back so badly because I miss my work and interactions with my patients. However, the other part of me was reluctant to see the … Read More

Sweet Dreams Are Not Made Of This

Last Friday, I went for a walk along the bay with my wife and our little guy. It was our second outing since he was born two weeks ago. It used to be our weekend ritual – grabbing a large trim mocha at Joshua’s (they make fantastic coffee by the way) on the go and heading out for our morning … Read More

How you have changed my life

Dear Son, It was only a little over a week now that you arrived in this world at 10:27 pm on June 5th, 2020, and ever since you have become the centre of our lives. Your presence became the cement that bonded your mum, and I even closer together. Although we’ve only known you for such a small period of … Read More