Could Noise Be The Remedy To A Good Night Sleep?!

I was very fortunate that my son does not cause too much trouble for both my wife and I. I would consider him as an all-rounder where he eats, plays and sleeps well the majority of the time. Despite going through growth spurts, he still manages to get to sleep fairly quickly after each feed, which is something I’m quite … Read More

Sweet Dreams Are Not Made Of This

Last Friday, I went for a walk along the bay with my wife and our little guy. It was our second outing since he was born two weeks ago. It used to be our weekend ritual – grabbing a large trim mocha at Joshua’s (they make fantastic coffee by the way) on the go and heading out for our morning … Read More

The FRUIT that could help you sleep?!

It’s been another busy week in the pharmacy but I’ve really enjoyed catching up with some of you and hearing about your mid-winter holidays – Australia, Fiji, Europe and beyond! Even if travel is not on your agenda, I hope all of you are taking some time to relax – even if it’s a cup of coffee outside to appreciate … Read More

My sleep is terrible…what can I do???

Hope you all are enjoying the first week of the school holidays. It has been extremely busy for everyone at the pharmacy. We’ve been flat out for the past few weeks. Hopefully, this week we’ll be able to catch our breath and spend more time attending to and giving you all helpful advice on any of your health concerns.   … Read More

Could this be the reason you’re tired all the time?!

“I’m so tired! …I wake up exhausted even though I slept well!” This is a common phrase that I always hear from my patients.   It’s a common complaint for most of us living busy lives trying to juggle work, family and leisure. There are many reasons for us to be tired and I find my patients are always quick … Read More