Welcome to our first winter wellness series!

Cold and flu occur all year round but they are especially common during the winter months. People tend to be more susceptible to getting sick during this time of year and sequentially have more days off work or school. So what exactly is it about the winter that gives us congestion and snottiness. Is winter chills the culprit? In this post we have asked one of our pharmacists- Chris to explain the myth of winter chills. Can cold weather make us sick?

Chris: Cold weather can play a part in making us feel unwell. This is because blood vessels constrict when exposed to cold temperature which can reduce blood flow. This could potentially weaken our immune system due to fewer white blood cells at each round of circulation. However, cold weather alone will not make us sick without the presence of harmful bacteria and viruses. Harmful bacteria and viruses are spread through transmission. During winter times, we are more likely to stay indoors, be less active, eat more to keep warm and come in close contact with family and friends. All these factors contribute to making it easier to catch a cold or flu compared to other times of the year. In our second post of the series, we will discover the difference between cold and flu.