[True Story] If he LISTENED to my advice, he would have recovered faster!!

This conversation between my friend and I happened last week:

Chris (on the phone): You don’t sound good mate. Are you feeling alright?
Dom: I think I’m coming down with something. My throat feels scratchy, and a bit sore and my nose is a little bit drippy.
Chris: Are you taking anything for it?
Dom: Nah, I think I’ll be fine aye. Will try to have an early night tonight and sleep it off.
Chris: I think you should give Viralex a try. It is an olive leaf extract. It worked well for me last time when I had a cold aye. It pretty much stopped all my symptoms after using it for two days.
Dom: Nah, I don’t like to take anything. I’m pretty fit, and I think my body can fight it off aye.
Chris: Well, at least take some vitamin C…
Dom (interrupting): I’ll be fine mate!
Chris: Okay…

2 Days later

Dom (on the phone): Maybe I should give Viralex a try aye…
Chris: How are you feeling?
Dom: Not well, I think I’ve got a cold.
Chris: I’ll get some for you then. Also, make sure you drink plenty of water and take some Vitamin C!
Dom: Whatever you say, man…

Yes, that was the dialogue I had with my friend last week. If he were to listen to my advice, he would have recovered from his cold a lot faster rather than it dragging on for the whole week.

We all know that the immune system is one of the most important of the body systems. It’s our defender against foreign invaders such as viruses and bacteria, however, we don’t usually give our immune system enough attention until when we begin to feel run down or can’t shake a cold.

Feeling exhausted and tired, delayed and slow wound healing, and repeated infections are some of the signs that your body’s immune system is not functioning properly.

After working as a pharmacist for more than ten years, I understand the importance of herbal and nutrient supplements in helping to speed up the recovery process and improve our resistance to infections.

Here are some of the most important supplements that I have discovered over the years that could help us through the winter.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is a classic remedy that has a great immune boosting property. It can be taken as an ongoing basis (as our body is not capable of storing it) to build up our immunity and ward off colds. Numerous studies have suggested that it can help reduce the severity and duration of colds.

Vitamin D
Also known as the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D can enhance the immune response to bacterial and viruses. Being vitamin D deficient has been linked to recurrent infections.

Zinc is an immune-support nutrient that is required for the production of white blood cells – which are the body’s troops responsible for fighting off infections.

Is a herbal supplement that has antimicrobial and antiviral activity. Traditionally, it has been used to support the immune system and provide relief of upper respiratory tract symptoms, sore throat and fevers.

Olive Leaf
Olive leaf also has antimicrobial activity and has traditionally been used to relieve respiratory symptoms such as cough and sore throat.

This herbal supplement can stimulate immunity and has also been found to relieve common cold symptoms such as sore throat, cough, and fever.

Here are a few tips you could do to promote a healthy immune system:
• Eat a balanced diet high in fruits, vegetables and whole grains (low in saturated fat)
• Exercise regularly
• Regular sun exposure (for vitamin D)
• Drink alcohol in moderation
• Get adequate sleep
• Avoid or reduce stress.

Speak to me or one of our team for more information about supplements that can boost your immunity.

To you and your family’s health