Do you get confused with your medicines?

Are you often spend too much time organising your medicines?IMG_5685

Are you worried about taking the wrong dose of your medicines or scared that you will over-dose or under-dose yourself? Or nervous about taking your medicines at the wrong time of the day?

Or are you managing medications for your loved one and constantly second guessing if you have given the right medicines?

At Eastmed Pharmacy, we can take away your stress by providing you with piece of mind compliance packaging system to help manage your medicines.

Whether you are taking 1 tablet once a day or 8 tablets four times a day, with our compliance packaging systems your daily medication schedule is organised and checked by your pharmacist for added insurance.

All the medication details are printed clearly on the sachet (Robotic Sachet System) or pottle (Mdico-Pak) and can be teared off into your handbag or pocket as you leave the house and hence minimising the chances of forgetting your medicines.


With the two compliance packaging systems, we have already made life easier for many of our patients who are on regular medication.

So what are you waiting for? Come talk to our friendly pharmacist about compliance packaging and stay on top of your medication.