F&P Vitera™ – Full Face Mask


F&P Vitera™ – Full Face Mask



Vitera’s design focused on stability, adaptability, and breathability. It is designed to provide comfort throughout the night while ensuring effective therapy.

    • RollFit™ Seal – with an easy auto-adjusting fit that optimises an effective, comfortable seal
    • Easy Frame – is low profile, stable, durable and provides a clear line of sight. Its ‘Easy-Clip’ technology makes for effortless assembly after cleaning.
    • ErgoFormTM headgear – with integrated technologies that remove the need for forehead pads and the glider strap.
    • CentiCoolTM fabric – a breathable fabric that allows 21 times more airflow and 35% more moisturise transfer than the material used in other Fisher & Paykel range of full face mask.



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